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Ode to the Estate

by Imogen Fahey

Polyphony, Volume 2, Issue 1

First published April 2020, Manchester

post-war high rises and radburn

plots where neighbours share

a grass verge and values, attend

anglican services in the

open air.

ladies in cloche hats and

dears in pac-a-macs meet

at the shopping centre,

“choose shoefayre shoes!”

and run for the 97 bus home.

this overspill

town, this reduced life

sentence, this nuclear waste

land fit for the nuclear family.

it’s where you got your tiger

feet, ate quiche lorraine and hid

your soft cell records.

this council-forgotten dump is where

your heart began to pump claret

and your veins turned blue,

where you knocked your

two front teeth out, where

rubbish melted in the streets and

sugar could not be bought. ee-arr,

bab. gwarn and mek sommert

of yourself.

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Polyphony, n. 
The style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

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