• The Polyphony Team

Papa John's Elegy

by Lauryn Berry

Polyphony, Volume 2, Issue 2 First published April 2020, Manchester

I may be tipsy

as I write this

but I think even a Papa John’s

original crust

and its old pizza box

deserve an elegy.

So here goes,

for you, Hot Pepper Passion:

I knew I’d like you,

but I never expected the taste –

a risky hot mess

stuck to my tongue,

fiery on my lips,

a bitter after-taste

I didn’t see on the menu.

And I won’t cry

for this pizza box

as I will cry for him,

although it will end up

in the bin all the same.

No, but I think I’ll have a good cry

over my burnt, red finger.

Polyphony, n. 
The style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

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