• The Polyphony Team

The Walk Home

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

by Harley Weng U Pun

Volume 1, Issue 1

We are stumbling through satin streets

as the horizon glows on Oxford Road.

The sky is plum when we reach uni.

You do a handstand, then another—

I collect your cartwheels in front of the archway

and make you our poster boy for the day.

The sky is peach on the Curry Mile,

the music we play blends right in — it’s chewed bubblegum pop!

The cold air is sweet and so still it’s almost surreal.

For the first time in months, my blood, it slows.

“i could walk this road forever.”

The sky is blue in Platt Fields,

the sun, on you—

Your eyes! Your eyes!

“wait, look at mine!”

Our eyes! They’re as big as the sun!

Polyphony, n. 
The style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

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